On : 20 October, 2010

By : Timothy M. Ferris

In : Achieve Your Goals

I have been fortunate to learn, albeit a little later in life than I would have preferred, that a person can literally do or accomplish whatever they put their mind to. People can literally make their dreams come true. It’s just a matter of desire, strategy, and most importantly, taking action. There are some simple distinctions and skills (key concepts), of which I believe most people are unaware, that anyone can use to move any area of their life to the next level. I outline this process in my book, Mind Energy: The Power of ME! I think that if you are honest with yourself, you find that, if you could, you would improve every area of your life. Even if you feel like you have the best personal life, professional life, emotional life, or the best relationship, you still want it be better. So, no matter where you are in your life, you can identify gaps between where you are now and where you want to be. My book is about taking action and closing those gaps. It is my goal to give this information to as many people as I can. I know that some people may not take it seriously, dismissing it as hyperbole, but it’s not. There are people all around us who are struggling to make even small improvements in one area of their life and if they just knew how to do it, they could increase the perceived quality of their life. There are no class, race, sex, or religious barriers when it comes to these principles. This process is the same for a young kid in the inner city or an extreme rural area as it is for an older person who is in a less than fulfilling relationship, or someone who is struggling to muster up the determination it takes to make it through high school or college. What I’m talking about is a universal truth. Make a promise to yourself that you are going to learn these key concepts and put them to work in your life helping yourself and others. Focus your thoughts and TAKE ACTION!