goal setting

Mind Energy – The Power of ME! 

Author: Timothy M Ferris 

Format: eBook (.mobi)

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Mind Energy – The Power of ME! illustrates a revolutionary process in the area of personal achievement. This goal setting process was designed to help you achieve your dreams. It will show you how to take all aspects of your life—personal, professional, emotional, financial, and relational—to the next level. Prepare for success by learning time-tested principles. These same principles have been used throughout history by some of the most successful and brilliant people in the world. Recognize and break through procrastination—the silent killer of success. Start by deciding what your purpose in life will be. Then, creating a life plan that is aligned with your purpose. Next, follow author Tim Ferris’s step-by-step goal setting system for achieving success. Everything in this book is supported with practical exercises.

With Ferris’s new goal setting techniques, you will be able to design and achieve powerful goals. He uses the word POWERFUL as an acronym to aid in memorization. It also serves as a mantra for setting powerful goals designed to support you as you move in the direction of your ultimate destiny!


Purposefully and Autonomously Set

Objectively Assessed for Attainability and Risk

Well-Defined and Measurable

Emotionally Anchored

Realistically Time-Bound

Flexibility in Your Approach

Unshakable Belief in Your Ability to Achieve

Lust for Life or Burning Desire to Achieve

Knowledge is only potential power. True power arises by using that knowledge to take immediate action. Who you are today is a direct result of your past thoughts and actions. The thoughts and actions you take now, in the present, will determine your future. Who will you be?

“Optimal human functioning requires the courage to live with realness and purpose, rather than merely enduring a life of mindless conformity, insecurity, and fear.  Acting on courage and taking risks are necessary to meet needs, fulfill desires, resist fears, contribute to society, and to avoid the alternative – living a passionless, ineffective, and narrow life.”     (Griffith, 2004)