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Cross Cultural Communication Training


Improve your organization’s performance by raising its cross-cultural awareness quotient. The importance of cultural sensitivity and cross-cultural communications cannot be overstated in today’s global economy. Doing business in today’s global marketplace mandates that organizations understand these important differences.


The rapid globalization of today’s marketplace presents a challenge for organizations. That challenge is the rapid diversification of a company’s work force as well as its customer base. As companies strive to expand their operations, eventually pushing beyond their own borders, the need to be culturally aware as an organization becomes critically important.

Multi-national companies having offices and subsidiaries operating around the world must actively hire and develop people who are adept at understanding the values and belief systems of the cultures in which they do business as well as those of co-workers.


Key Concepts can help organizations better understand the value of cultural awareness and how to leverage it to promote an organizational culture of sensitivity and inclusion that promotes higher levels of employee and customer satisfaction, increasing productivity through happier and more satisfied employees.

We conduct cross cultural communication training sessions to educate employees about the important differences in cultural dimensions using widely accepted cultural models.

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